Mission Statement

With over 200 distributors around six continents, Federal Tires is a global business run in close ties with local expertise. Throughout the firm’s history, our core values have always been defined by a strong code of ethics, social responsibility, and protecting the environment with green globalization.

We set out in 1954 to serve the globe with the most innovative and reliable tires and continue to do so to this day. The safety and well-being of our workforce and stakeholders, our zero-tolerance policy on harassment and discrimination, together with our respect for human rights are all designed to embody the core values of our brand.

Just as we construct and compound distinct elements to make our tires, our aim is to deliver the best mix of tires and services to all meet our clients’ needs globally. Federal Tires seeks to continually deliver improvements to our tires and services and provide those we serve the guarantee of our integrity and commitment. We never settle for anything less than our aims: Always innovating. Always serving our clients. Always Federal.

Rooted in America with Patriot Pride

Federal’s Milestones

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  • 2013 Federal partners with Manchester United FC as tire supplier in Russia and Taiwan
  • 2014 Shu Jam Ma named as the Chairman of Federal Corporation
  • 2016 Establishment of Federal Tire North America LLC.
  • 2017 Production starting at the new plant
  • 2017 595 RS-RR nabs prestigious 2017 Red Dot Award & 2018 German Design Award
  • 2018 Launch 4×4 SUV Xplora product lines, starting with sport truck tires, Xplora MTS, and ferocious, mud-terrain Xplora M/T
  • 2018 MTS nabs 2018 Red Dot Award
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  • 2000 Federal launches winter HP tires
  • 2002 Federal begins mass production of 30/35 series ZR tires
  • 2003 Federal launches 4×4 SUV tires, plus Formoza & Couragia tires
  • 2006 Federal nabs the No. 1 foreign brand of market share in Japan’s competition tire market
  • 2009 Introduction of Himalaya SUV winter tires
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  • 1990 Wins Ford Q1 and GM/OPEL Awards
  • 1992 Federal launches 50/55 series PCR tires
  • 1993 Receives HONDA Quality Award
  • 1999 Federal launches 40/45 series ZR/VR UHP tires
  • 1981- 2000 Technical cooperation with Sumitomo Rubber Industries
  • 1982 U.S. UTQG requirements approved
  • 1986 Nabs Ford Automobile Quality A Supplier Award
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  • 1978 Initiate PCR tire manufacturing
  • 1979 Successful completes IPO
    • 1965 U.S. DOT trademark approved and starts export business
    • 1960- 1980 Technical cooperation with Bridgestone Tire
  • 1954 Founded by Chi San Ma in Chungli, Taiwan