Federal Tire Launches Xplora R/T

Torrance, CA – Federal Tire North America announces the launch of the new Xplora RT tire, a Herculean new product entry into the alluring and rapidly advancing R/T light truck tire segment. “We have observed continuing growth and increasing consumer demand for more performance balance calling for lower noise levels and improved on-road ride comfort than traditional M/T type tires offer. We have also noted that consumers desire their on/off-road light truck tires to have a rugged looking sidewall. Thus, the new Federal Xplora R/T is now here and ready to address the growing call of duty that the Xplora R/T provides to these consumers”, said Joe Kao, Operation Manager at Federal.

Federal will make 5 key sizes available immediately and will phase-in 18 additional sizes over the next few months.  The new Xplora R/T joins Xplora MTS launched in March of this year and Xplora MT launched in 2017. A new Xplora A/P was recently introduced in August of this year. “We are expanding the Xplora line of light truck tires at breakneck speed. We have a new A/T in the works and few more surprises coming!”, according to Kao.  “We are hopeful that our Xplora line, now and more so in the future, is a major driving force for our continued advance to gain market share in the US”, Kao added.


Loaded with features and benefits, Xplora R/T is ready to meet the challenges of a discerning consumer looking for a rugged terrain tire. “Navigating its chiseled path, the Xplora R/T produces a Herculean off-road experience with a delicate balance of roadside manners. The powerhouse Xplora R/T and the plus styled sidewall design provide rugged consumers the optimum balancing act for on and off-road excursions:  vigorous durability off-road, diminished noise on-road, with incredible styling no matter where you venture” said Kao.

Federal conducted a ride and drive event in Big Bear Lake, CA where they hosted 80 guests that included media, customers, and enthusiasts. The event allowed each guest to personally experience the Xplora R/T in both on and off-road driving environments. Product information and training is available on the company website: www.federaltireusa.com.

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For more information, contact Jenny Chu, (310) 738-3542, jennychu@federaltire.com.


About Federal Tire

Federal Tire North America is the Torrance, CA based North American operations of Federal Tire. A wholly owned subsidiary of Federal Corp. (Taiwan), the Torrance, office was opened in 2017 and is expanding its distribution footprint throughout North America. Federal Corp. was established in 1954 in Taipei, Taiwan and distributes high performance, light