595 RPM

The 595 RPM is Federal, ultra high performance summer tire with the perfect combination of precise handling, refined quality, and comfortable rides.



The 595 RPM is Federal, ultra high performance summer tire with the perfect combination of precise handling, refined quality, and comfortable rides.


  • An asymmetric tire featuring soft sidewall and stiff outer areas for superior handling and comfort.
  • 30 treed design blends the tire, responsiveness, handling, and toughness for rigorous driving,
  • Circumferential grooves channel water away effectively, plus quiet and comfortable rides.
  • Rough outer areas provide extra traction during intensive driving, along with endurance.
17"215/45ZR1791YXL7 mm/7 in215 mm/8.5 in7-8191 mm/7.5 in8 mm/7.5 in10.4 kg/22.9 lb50615 kg/1356 lb160-AA-A
18"225/40ZR1892YXL8 mm/7.5 in231 mm/9.1 in7.5-9213 mm/8.4 in8.1 mm/8.4 in11.1 kg/24.4 lb50630 kg/1389 lb160-AA-A
18"235/40ZR1891YXL8.5 mm/8 in239 mm/9.4 in8-9.5212 mm/8.3 in8.1 mm/8.3 in11.2 kg/24.6 lb44615 kg/1356 lb160-AA-A
18"245/40ZR1897YXL8.5 mm/8 in248 mm/9.8 in8-9.5218 mm/8.6 in8.1 mm/8.6 in11.5 kg/25.3 lb50730 kg/1609 lb160-AA-A
18"245/45ZR1896YXL8 mm/7.5 in239 mm/9.4 in7.5-9216 mm/8.5 in7.9 mm/8.5 in12.7 kg/27.9 lb44710 kg/1565 lb160-AA-A
18"245/50ZR18100WXL7.5 mm/7 in248 mm/9.8 in7-8.5215 mm/8.5 in7.9 mm/8.5 in13.1 kg/28.8 lb44800 kg/1764 lb160-AA-A
18"255/45ZR1899YXL8.5 mm/8 in256 mm/10.1 in8-9.5227 mm/8.9 in8.2 mm/8.9 in12.9 kg/28.4 lb44775 kg/1709 lb160-AA-A
18"265/35ZR1897YXL9.5 mm/9 in267 mm/10.5 in9-10.5247 mm/9.7 in7.6 mm/9.7 in12.1 kg/26.6 lb50730 kg/1609 lb160-AA-A
19"225/35ZR1988YXL8 mm/7.5 in231 mm/9.1 in7.5-9208 mm/8.2 in8.2 mm/8.2 in11 kg/24.2 lb50560 kg/1235 lb160-AA-A
19"225/40ZR1993YXL8 mm/7.5 in232 mm/9.1 in7.5-9202 mm/8 in8.2 mm/8 in10.7 kg/23.5 lb50650 kg/1433 lb160-AA-A
19"235/35ZR1991YXL8.5 mm/8 in242 mm/9.5 in8-9.5218 mm/8.6 in7.9 mm/8.6 in10.8 kg/23.8 lb50615 kg/1356 lb160-AA-A
19"245/35ZR1993YXL8.5 mm/8 in244 mm/9.6 in8-9.5224 mm/8.8 in8.2 mm/8.8 in11.5 kg/25.3 lb50650 kg/1433 lb160-AA-A
19"255/35ZR1996YXL9 mm/8.5 in261 mm/10.3 in8.5-10238 mm/9.4 in7.6 mm/9.4 in12.5 kg/27.5 lb50710 kg/1565 lb160-AA-A
19"255/40ZR1996YXL8.5 mm/8.5 in260 mm/10.2 in8.5-10231 mm/9.1 in8.2 mm/9.1 in12.9 kg/28.4 lb44710 kg/1565 lb160-AA-A
19"265/35ZR1998Y 9.5 mm/9 in265 mm/10.4 in9-10.5234 mm/9.2 in8.2 mm/9.2 in12.6 kg/27.7 lb50750 kg/1653 lb160-AA-A
19"285/35ZR1999Y 10 mm/9.5 in292 mm/11.5 in9.5-11260 mm/10.2 in8.5 mm/10.2 in14 kg/30.8 lb44775 kg/1709 lb160-AA-A
20"335/30ZR20104Y 12 mm/11.5 in345 mm/13.6 in11.5-12.5309 mm/12.2 in7.6 mm/12.2 in16.9 kg/37.2 lb44900 kg/1985 lb160-AA-A
21"245/35ZR2196Y 8.5 mm/8 in249 mm/9.8 in8-9.5227 mm/8.9 in8.2 mm/8.9 in13 kg/28.6 lb50710 kg/1566 lb160-AA-A
21"255/30ZR2193Y 9 mm/8.5 in256 mm/10.1 in8.5-9.5236 mm/9.3 in8.2 mm/9.3 in13.1 kg/28.8 lb50650 kg/1433 lb160-AA-A
21"285/30ZR21100Y 10 mm/9.5 in284 mm/11.2 in9.5-10.5276 mm/10.9 in8.5 mm/10.9 in14.3 kg/31.5 lb50800 kg/1764 lb160-AA-A
21"295/25ZR2196Y 10.5 mm/10 in295 mm/11.6 in10-11277 mm/10.9 in8.4 mm/10.9 in15.2 kg/33.4 lb50710 kg/1565 lb160-AA-A