The Couragia F/X  is designed to delivery pure driving excitement and dynamic, sporty performance to LSUV drivers.



The Couragia F/X  is designed to delivery pure driving excitement and dynamic, sporty performance to LSUV drivers.


  • Four main grooves enhance water dispersion to elevate stability and handling against aquaplaning.
  • Center rib directs on-centered momentum provident comfort and reduced tire wear.
  • Reinforced outer tread blocks provide enhanced traction during intensive driving, with superior wear resistance.
  • Optimized pattern design helps provide traction and reduce noise.
17"235/65R17108VXL7.0 mm/6.5 in240 mm/9.4 in6.5-7.5191 mm/7.5 in8.3 mm/7.5 in13.6 kg/29.9 lb501000 kg/2205 lb320-A-A
17"275/55R17109VXL8.5 mm/7.5 in291 mm/11.5 in7.5-9.5241 mm/9.5 in7.7 mm/9.5 in15.8 kg/34.8 lb441030 kg/2271 lb320-A-A
18"225/65R18103HXL6.5 mm/6.0 in221 mm/8.7 in6.0-8.0176 mm/6.9 in8.0 mm/6.9 in12.5 kg/27.5 lb44875 kg/1929 lb320-A-A
18"235/50R1897VXL7.5 mm/6.5 in238 mm/9.4 in6.5-8.5195 mm/7.7 in7.7 mm/7.7 in12.3 kg/27.1 lb44730 kg/1609 lb320-A-A
18"235/60R18107VXL7.0 mm/6.5 in240 mm/9.4 in6.5-7.5203 mm/8.0 in8.3 mm/8.0 in14.0 kg/30.8 lb50975 kg/2150 lb320-A-A
18"255/45R1899VXL8.5 mm/8.0 in251 mm/9.9 in8.0-9.0211 mm/8.3 in8.2 mm/8.3 in13.8 kg/30.4 lb44775 kg/1709 lb320-A-A
18"255/55ZR18109YXL8.0 mm/7.5 in279 mm/11.0 in7.5-8.5240 mm/9.4 in8.3 mm/9.4 in15.5 kg/34.1 lb501030 kg/2270 lb320-A-A
19"235/50R1999VXL7.5 mm/6.5 in242 mm/9.5 in6.5-8.5196 mm/7.7 in7.7 mm/7.7 in13.3 kg/29.3 lb44775 kg/1709 lb320-A-A
19"235/55ZR19105WXL7.5 mm/6.5 in243 mm/9.6 in6.5-8.5208 mm/8.2 in7.7 mm/8.2 in14.6 kg/32.1 lb50925 kg/2039 lb320-A-A
19"245/55R19103VXL7.5 mm/7.0 in246 mm/9.7 in7.0-8.5215 mm/8.5 in7.7 mm/8.5 in15.6 kg/34.3 lb44875 kg/1929 lb320-A-A
19"255/50ZR19107WXL8.0 mm/7.5 in260 mm/10.2 in7.5-8.5226 mm/8.9 in8.3 mm/8.9 in15.4 kg/33.9 lb50975 kg/2150 lb320-A-A
19"255/55R19111VXL8.0 mm/7.0 in263 mm/10.4 in7.0-9.0225 mm/8.9 in7.7 mm/8.9 in16.7 kg/36.7 lb501090 kg/2403 lb320-A-A
19"265/50R19110VXL8.5 mm/7.5 in271 mm/10.7 in7.5-9.5222 mm/8.7 in7.8 mm/8.7 in14.6 kg/32.1 lb501060 kg/2337 lb320-A-A
19"275/45ZR19108YXL9.0 mm/8.5 in268 mm/10.6 in8.5-10.5227 mm/8.9 in8.2 mm/8.9 in15.5 kg/34.1 lb501000 kg/2205 lb320-A-A
19"275/55R19111VXL8.5 mm/7.5 in284 mm/11.2 in7.5-9.5241 mm/9.5 in7.7 mm/9.5 in17.8 kg/39.2 lb441090 kg/2403 lb320-A-A
19"285/45ZR19111WXL9.5 mm/9.0 in285 mm/11.2 in9.0-10.5238 mm/9.4 in8.1 mm/9.4 in15.8 kg/34.8 lb501090 kg/2403 lb320-A-A
20"255/40ZR20101YXL9.0 mm/8.5 in263 mm/10.3 in8.5-10.0212 mm/8.3 in7.7 mm/8.3 in13.8 kg/30.4 lb50825 kg/1819 lb320-A-A
20"255/45R20105VXL8.5 mm/8.5 in249 mm/9.8 in8.5-10.0211 mm/8.3 in8.2 mm/8.3 in15.0 kg/33.0 lb50925 kg/2039 lb320-A-A
20"265/45R20108HXL9.0 mm/8.5 in265 mm/10.4 in8.5-10.0221 mm/8.7 in8.2 mm/8.7 in14.2 kg/31.2 lb501000 kg/2205 lb320-A-A
20"265/50R20112VXL8.5 mm/7.5 in274 mm/10.8 in7.5-9.5222 mm/8.7 in7.7 mm/8.7 in17.6 kg/38.7 lb501120 kg/2469 lb320-A-A
20"275/40ZR20106WXL9.5 mm/9.0 in275 mm/10.8 in9.0-10.0225 mm/8.9 in8.3 mm/8.9 in15.5 kg/34.1 lb50950 kg/2095 lb320-A-A
20"275/45R20110VXL9.0 mm/8.5 in269 mm/10.6 in8.5-10.0228 mm/9.0 in7.6 mm/9.0 in16.2 kg/35.6 lb501060 kg/2337 lb320-A-A
20"275/55R20117VXL8.5 mm/7.5 in280 mm/11.0 in7.5-9.5226 mm/8.9 in8.0 mm/8.9 in19.0 kg/41.8 lb501285 kg/2833 lb320-A-A
20"275/60R20119VXL8.0 mm/7.5 in270 mm/10.6 in7.5-9.5220 mm/8.7 in8.3 mm/8.7 in19.4 kg/42.7 lb501360 kg/2998 lb320-A-A
20"285/50R20116VXL9.0 mm/8.0 in291 mm/11.4 in8.0-10.0237 mm/9.3 in8.2 mm/9.3 in18.4 kg/40.5 lb501250 kg/2756 lb320-A-A
20"295/40R20106VXL10.5 mm/10.0 in301 mm/11.9 in10.0-11.5247 mm/9.7 in7.7 mm/9.7 in16.6 kg/36.5 lb44950 kg/2094 lb320-A-A
20"295/45R20114VXL10.0 mm/9.5 in301 mm/11.8 in9.5-11.0246 mm/9.7 in8.6 mm/9.7 in17.6 kg/38.7 lb501180 kg/2601 lb320-A-A
20"305/50R20120VXL9.5 mm/8.5 in316 mm/12.4 in8.5-11.0250 mm/9.8 in8.2 mm/9.8 in20.2 kg/44.4 lb501400 kg/3086 lb320-A-A
20"315/35ZR20106WXL11.0 mm/10.5 in322 mm/12.7 in10.5-12.5141 mm/5.6 in7.5 mm/5.6 in17.5 kg/38.5 lb44950 kg/2094 lb320-A-A
21"295/35ZR21107YXL10.5 mm/10.0 in294 mm/11.6 in10.0-11.5260 mm/10.2 in7.1 mm/10.2 in16.9 kg/37.2 lb50975 kg/2150 lb320-A-A
21"295/40ZR21111WXL10.5 mm/10.0 in297 mm/11.7 in10.0-11.5247 mm/9.7 in7.7 mm/9.7 in16.9 kg/37.2 lb501090 kg/2403 lb320-A-A
22"265/35ZR22102W 9.5 mm/9.0 in268 mm/10.6 in9.0-10.0238 mm/9.4 in8.0 mm/9.4 in16.6 kg/36.5 lb50850 kg/1874 lb320-A-A
22"265/40R22106V 9.5 mm/9.0 in268 mm/10.5 in9.0-10.5221 mm/8.7 in7.7 mm/8.7 in15.2 kg/33.4 lb50950 kg/2094 lb320-A-A
22"275/45R22112V 9.0 mm/8.5 in263 mm/10.4 in8.5-10.5226 mm/8.9 in7.6 mm/8.9 in16.9 kg/37.2 lb501120 kg/2469 lb320-A-A
22"285/35ZR22106W 10.0 mm/9.5 in284 mm/11.2 in9.5-11.0254 mm/10.0 in7.4 mm/10.0 in17.2 kg/37.8 lb44950 kg/2094 lb320-A-A
22"285/45R22114V 9.5 mm/9.0 in282 mm/11.1 in9.0-10.5237 mm/9.3 in8.6 mm/9.3 in19.1 kg/42.0 lb501180 kg/2601 lb320-A-A
22"295/30ZR22103W 10.5 mm/10.0 in299 mm/11.8 in10.0-11.5273 mm/10.7 in7.6 mm/10.7 in16.9 kg/37.2 lb50875 kg/1929 lb320-A-A
22"305/40R22114V 11.0 mm/10.0 in309 mm/12.1 in10.0-12.0256 mm/10.1 in7.7 mm/10.1 in19.7 kg/43.3 lb501180 kg/2601 lb320-A-A
22"305/45R22118V 10.0 mm/9.5 in301 mm/11.9 in9.5-11.5251 mm/9.9 in8.6 mm/9.9 in21.0 kg/46.2 lb501320 kg/2910 lb320-A-A
24"305/35R24112V 11.0 mm/10.0 in307 mm/12.1 in10.0-12.0275 mm/10.8 in8.0 mm/10.8 in20.4 kg/44.9 lb501120 kg/2469 lb320-A-A