The mighty Couragia M/T  is legendary for its toughness, maximum off-road traction, and deep-biting treads blocks.



The mighty Couragia M/T  is legendary for its toughness, maximum off-road traction, and deep-biting treads blocks.


  • Reinforced compounds contribute to exceptional durability against cuts, chips, and abrasions.
  • The aggressive tread design and strengthened shoulder deliver traction and protection from off-road impact.
  • Optimized block design increases off-road traction and control.
  • Uniquely design incremental block edge quickly sheds dirt, sand, and gravel for ultimate off-road traction.
15"LT235/75R15104/101Q6.5 mm/6.0 in228 mm/9.0 in6.0-7.0168 mm/6.6 in15.0 mm/6.6 in17.3 kg/38.1 lb50900/825 kg/1985/1820 lb--
15"30X9.50R15LT104Q7.5 mm/6.5 in252 mm/9.9 in6.5-8.5192 mm/7.6 in15.0 mm/7.6 in20.2 kg/44.4 lb35900 kg/1985 lb--
15"31X10.50R15LT109Q8.5 mm/7.0 in268 mm/10.6 in7.0-9.0200 mm/7.9 in15.0 mm/7.9 in22.2 kg/48.8 lb501030 kg/2270 lb--
15"33X12.50R15LT108Q10.0 mm/8.5 in325 mm/12.8 in8.5-11.0248 mm/9.8 in15.0 mm/9.8 in28.9 kg/63.6 lb351000 kg/2205 lb--
16"LT205/80R16110/108P5.5 mm/5.0 in210 mm/8.3 in5.0-7.0160 mm/6.3 in15.0 mm/6.3 in17.3 kg/38.1 lb651060/1000 kg/2337/2205 lb--
16"LT225/75R16115/112Q6.0 mm/6.0 in215 mm/8.4 in6.0-7.0160 mm/6.3 in15.0 mm/6.3 in17.9 kg/39.4 lb801215/1120 kg/2679/2469 lb--
16"LT235/85R16120/116Q6.5 mm/6.0 in231 mm/9.1 in6.0-7.5170 mm/6.7 in15.0 mm/6.7 in21.9 kg/48.2 lb801400/1260 kg/3086/2778 lb--
16"LT245/75R16120/116Q6.0 mm/6.5 in244 mm/9.6 in6.5-8.0178 mm/7.0 in15.0 mm/7.0 in21.4 kg/47.1 lb801400/1260 kg/3086/2778 lb--
16"LT265/75R16119/116Q7.5 mm/7.0 in260 mm/10.2 in7.0-8.0193 mm/7.6 in15.0 mm/7.6 in23.9 kg/52.6 lb651360/1250 kg/3000/2755 lb--
16"LT265/75R16123/120Q7.5 mm/7.0 in262 mm/10.3 in7.0-8.0193 mm/7.6 in15.0 mm/7.6 in23.8 kg/52.4 lb801550/1400 kg/3417/3086 lb--
16"LT285/75R16122/119Q8.0 mm/7.5 in281 mm/11.1 in7.5-9.0208 mm/8.2 in15.0 mm/8.2 in25.8 kg/56.8 lb651500/1360 kg/3305/3000 lb--
16"LT285/75R16126/123Q8.0 mm/7.5 in281 mm/11.1 in7.5-9.0208 mm/8.2 in15.0 mm/8.2 in25.9 kg/57.0 lb801700/1550 kg/3748/3417 lb--
16"LT315/75R16127/124Q8.5 mm/8.0 in317 mm/12.5 in8.0-11.0226 mm/8.9 in16.3 mm/8.9 in30.3 kg/66.7 lb651750/1600 kg/3858/3526 lb--
17"LT265/70R17121/118Q8.0 mm/7.0 in272 mm/10.7 in7.0-8.5212 mm/8.3 in15.9 mm/8.3 in24.8 kg/54.6 lb801450/1320 kg/3195/2910 lb--
17"LT285/70R17121/118Q8.5 mm/8.0 in287 mm/11.3 in8.0-9.0228 mm/9.0 in15.9 mm/9.0 in26.1 kg/57.4 lb651450/1320 kg/3195/2910 lb--
17"35X12.50R17LT125Q10.0 mm/9.5 in313 mm/12.3 in9.5-10.5248 mm/9.8 in16.7 mm/9.8 in34.1 kg/75.0 lb651650 kg/3637 lb--
15"35X12.50R15LT113Q10.0 mm/9.5 in343 mm/13.5 in9.5-10.5252 mm/9.9 in16.7 mm/9.9 in29.8 kg/65.6 lb351150 kg/2535 lb--
17"37X12.50R17LT129Q10.0 mm/8.0 in327 mm/12.9 in8.0-11.0251 mm/9.9 in15.0 mm/9.9 in35.2 kg/77.4 lb651850 kg/4080 lb--
18"LT275/65R18119/116P8.0 mm/7.5 in275 mm/10.8 in7.5-9.0216 mm/8.5 in15.6 mm/8.5 in23.5 kg/51.7 lb651360/1250 kg/2998/2755 lb--
18"LT275/65R18123/120Q8.0 mm/7.5 in275 mm/10.8 in7.5-9.0220 mm/8.7 in14.7 mm/8.7 in26.4 kg/58.1 lb801550/1400 kg/3417/3086 lb--
18"35X12.50R18LT123Q10.0 mm/9.5 in309 mm/12.2 in9.5-10.5248 mm/9.8 in16.7 mm/9.8 in34.1 kg/75.0 lb651550 kg/3415 lb--
18"37X12.50R18LT128Q10.0 mm/8.0 in328 mm/12.9 in8.0-11.0251 mm/9.9 in15.0 mm/9.9 in34.4 kg/75.7 lb651800 kg/3970 lb--
20"33X12.50R20LT114Q10.0 mm/9.5 in313 mm/12.3 in9.5-10.5256 mm/10.1 in16.7 mm/10.1 in27.7 kg/60.9 lb651180 kg/2600 lb--
20"35X12.50R20LT121Q10.0 mm/8.5 in318 mm/12.5 in8.5-11.0256 mm/10.1 in16.3 mm/10.1 in31.7 kg/69.7 lb651450 kg/3195 lb--
20"37X12.50R20LT126Q10.0 mm/8.5 in320 mm/12.6 in8.5-11.0251 mm/9.9 in15.0 mm/9.9 in34.2 kg/75.2 lb651700 kg/3750 lb--
20"40X15.50R20LT130Q12.0 mm/11.0 in392 mm/15.4 in11.0-14.0308 mm/12.1 in17.3 mm/12.1 in43.9 kg/96.6 lb501900 kg/4189 lb--
22"40X15.50R22LT127Q12.0 mm/11.0 in398 mm/15.7 in11.0-14.0308 mm/12.1 in18.0 mm/12.1 in43.8 kg/96.4 lb501750 kg/3858 lb--
24"40X15.50R24LT128Q12.0 mm/11.0 in381 mm/15.0 in11.0-14.0308 mm/12.1 in17.3 mm/12.1 in43.4 kg/95.5 lb651800 kg/3968 lb--