The Couragia XUV  delivers premium SUV drivers superb handling,  all seasons traction, and comfort.



The Couragia XUV  delivers premium SUV drivers superb handling,  all seasons traction, and comfort.


  • Four circumferential grooves enable maximum water dispersion.
  • Optimal tread design delivers better grip with increased contact with the road surface.
  • Optimized patterns and sipes help provide traction and reduce noise.
  • Reinforced central rib delivers straight-line stability at high speed.
16"LT245/75R16120/116S7.0 mm/6.5 in248 mm/9.8 in6.5--188 mm/7.4 in11.0 mm/7.4 in19.3 kg/42.5 lb801400/1260 kg/3086/2778 lb--XL
17"LT265/70R17121/118S8.0 mm/7.0 in270 mm/10.6 in7.0--206 mm/8.1 in11.0 mm/8.1 in22.3 kg/49.1 lb801450/1120 kg/3196/2469 lb--XL
15"P205/70R1596T6.0 mm/5.0 in207 mm/8.2 in5.0--161 mm/6.3 in8.6 mm/6.3 in11.7 kg/25.7 lb44710 kg/1565 lb440-A-AXL
15"P255/70R15112H7.5 mm/6.5 in254 mm/10.0 in6.5--189 mm/7.4 in8.8 mm/7.4 in15.4 kg/33.9 lb501120 kg/2469 lb440-A-AXL
15"P265/70R15112H8.0 mm/7.0 in264 mm/10.4 in7.0--198 mm/7.8 in8.8 mm/7.8 in16.3 kg/35.9 lb441120 kg/2469 lb440-A-AXL
16"P215/65R1698H6.5 mm/6.0 in222 mm/8.7 in6.0--168 mm/6.6 in8.3 mm/6.6 in11.9 kg/26.2 lb44750 kg/1653 lb740-A-AXL
16"P215/70R16100H6.5 mm/5.5 in225 mm/8.8 in5.5--179 mm/7.0 in8.9 mm/7.0 in12.6 kg/27.7 lb44800 kg/1764 lb440-A-A 
16"P225/70R16103H6.5 mm/6.0 in230 mm/9.0 in6.0--166 mm/6.5 in8.6 mm/6.5 in12.9 kg/28.4 lb44875 kg/1929 lb740-A-A 
16"LT225/75R16115/112S6.0 mm/6.0 in220 mm/8.7 in6.0--169 mm/6.7 in11.0 mm/6.7 in17.0 kg/37.4 lb801215/1120 kg/2678/2469 lb-- 
16"P235/60R16100H7.0 mm/6.5 in236 mm/9.3 in6.5--187 mm/7.4 in8.4 mm/7.4 in12.7 kg/27.9 lb44800 kg/1764 lb740-A-A 
16"P235/70R16106T7.0 mm/6.0 in232 mm/9.1 in6.0--174 mm/6.9 in8.7 mm/6.9 in13.1 kg/28.8 lb44950 kg/2094 lb440-A-A 
16"P245/70R16107H7.0 mm/6.5 in247 mm/9.7 in6.5--243 mm/9.6 in8.7 mm/9.6 in14.9 kg/32.8 lb44975 kg/2150 lb440-A-A 
16"P255/65R16109T7.5 mm/7.0 in264 mm/10.4 in7.0--182 mm/7.2 in9.0 mm/7.2 in15.3 kg/33.7 lb441030 kg/2271 lb440-A-A 
16"P255/70R16111T7.5 mm/6.5 in256 mm/10.1 in6.5--189 mm/7.4 in8.8 mm/7.4 in16.7 kg/36.7 lb441090 kg/2403 lb440-A-A 
16"P265/70R16112H8.0 mm/7.0 in273 mm/10.8 in7.0--198 mm/7.8 in8.8 mm/7.8 in17.1 kg/37.6 lb441120 kg/2469 lb440-A-A 
16"LT265/75R16123/120S7.5 mm/7.0 in269 mm/10.6 in7.0--202 mm/8.0 in11.0 mm/8.0 in22.8 kg/50.2 lb801550/1400 kg/3416/3086 lb-- 
16"P275/70R16114H8.0 mm/7.0 in272 mm/10.7 in7.0--102 mm/4.0 in8.5 mm/4.0 in17.7 kg/38.9 lb441180 kg/2601 lb440-A-A 
17"P225/60R1799H6.5 mm/6.0 in224 mm/8.8 in6.0--178 mm/7.0 in8.2 mm/7.0 in12.0 kg/26.4 lb44775 kg/1708 lb440-A-A 
17"P225/65R17102H6.5 mm/6.0 in229 mm/9.0 in6.0--174 mm/6.9 in8.3 mm/6.9 in12.0 kg/26.4 lb44850 kg/1874 lb440-A-A 
17"P235/55R17103H7.5 mm/6.5 in240 mm/9.4 in6.5--200 mm/7.9 in8.0 mm/7.9 in13.0 kg/28.6 lb50875 kg/1929 lb740-A-A 
17"P235/60R17102T7.0 mm/6.5 in240 mm/9.4 in6.5--187 mm/7.4 in8.4 mm/7.4 in13.8 kg/30.4 lb44850 kg/1874 lb440-A-A 
17"P235/65R17104H7.0 mm/6.5 in238 mm/9.4 in6.5--167 mm/6.6 in8.3 mm/6.6 in14.4 kg/31.7 lb501000 kg/2205 lb440-A-A 
17"P245/65R17111H7.0 mm/7.0 in253 mm/10.0 in7.0--189 mm/7.4 in8.6 mm/7.4 in14.8 kg/32.6 lb501090 kg/2403 lb440-A-A 
17"P255/60R17106V7.5 mm/7.0 in259 mm/10.2 in7.0--201 mm/7.9 in8.4 mm/7.9 in15.4 kg/33.9 lb501060 kg/2337 lb440-A-A 
17"P265/65R17112T8.0 mm/7.5 in269 mm/10.6 in7.5--190 mm/7.5 in9.1 mm/7.5 in17.1 kg/37.6 lb441120 kg/2469 lb440-A-A 
17"P265/70R17115H8.0 mm/7.0 in270 mm/10.6 in7.0--198 mm/7.8 in8.8 mm/7.8 in17.3 kg/38.1 lb441215 kg/2678 lb440-A-A 
18"P225/55R1898V7.0 mm/6.0 in231 mm/9.1 in6.0--192 mm/7.6 in7.9 mm/7.6 in13.2 kg/29.0 lb44750 kg/653 lb740-A-A 
18"P235/55R18104V7.5 mm/6.5 in244 mm/9.6 in6.5--201 mm/7.9 in8.3 mm/7.9 in13.4 kg/29.5 lb49900 kg/1984 lb740-A-A 
18"P235/65R18106H7.0 mm/6.5 in236 mm/9.3 in6.5--168 mm/6.6 in8.6 mm/6.6 in14.5 kg/31.9 lb44950 kg/2094 lb740-A-A 
18"P245/60R18105H7.0 mm/7.0 in244 mm/9.6 in7.0--194 mm/7.6 in8.4 mm/7.6 in14.4 kg/31.7 lb44850 kg/1874 lb440-A-A 
18"P255/65R18109S7.5 mm/7.0 in256 mm/10.1 in7.0--183 mm/7.2 in9.0 mm/7.2 in15.3 kg/33.7 lb441030 kg/2771 lb740-A-A 
18"P255/70R18112T7.5 mm/6.5 in260 mm/10.2 in6.5--190 mm/7.5 in8.8 mm/7.5 in17.7 kg/38.9 lb441120 kg/2469 lb740-A-A 
18"P265/60R18110H8.0 mm/7.5 in263 mm/10.4 in7.5--211 mm/8.3 in8.4 mm/8.3 in15.9 kg/35.0 lb441060 kg/2337 lb740-A-A 
18"P265/65R18114T8.0 mm/7.5 in269 mm/10.6 in7.5--191 mm/7.5 in9.1 mm/7.5 in17.1 kg/37.6 lb441180 kg/2601 lb740-A-A 
18"P265/70R18116S8.0 mm/7.0 in273 mm/10.7 in7.0--199 mm/7.8 in8.8 mm/7.8 in19.4 kg/42.7 lb441250 kg/2756 lb440-A-A 
18"P275/65R18116T8.0 mm/7.5 in272 mm/10.7 in7.5--195 mm/7.7 in9.1 mm/7.7 in18 kg/39.6 lb441250 kg/2756 lb740-A-A 
18"P285/60R18120H8.5 mm/8.0 in285 mm/11.2 in8.0--227 mm/8.9 in8.6 mm/8.9 in17.5 kg/38.5 lb501400 kg/3086 lb740-A-A 
19"P255/60R19109H7.5 mm/7.0 in256 mm/10.1 in7.0--201 mm/7.9 in8.4 mm/7.9 in16.2 kg/35.6 lb441030 kg/2271 lb440-A-A 
20"P245/50R20102H7.5 mm/7.0 in242 mm/9.5 in7.0--202 mm/8.0 in8.0 mm/8.0 in14.8 kg/32.6 lb44850 kg/1874 lb740-A-A 
20"P255/50R20109H8.0 mm/7.0 in258 mm/10.1 in7.0--212 mm/8.3 in7.7 mm/8.3 in15.7 kg/34.5 lb501030 kg/2271 lb740-A-A