The Ecovan ER02 is designed for a commercial van, delivering the optimal balance of durability, longevity, and fuel efficiency.



The Ecovan ER02 is designed for a commercial van, delivering the optimal balance of durability, longevity, and fuel efficiency.


  • Advanced LRR compounds improve fuel efficiency.
  • Three longitudinal grooves offer better water-channeling efficiency and shorter braking distance.
  • Wave-shaped tread design ensures even wear and enhances tire longevity.
12"145R1286/84PC4.0 mm/3.5 in144 mm/5.7 in3.5--109 mm/4.3 in8.7 mm/4.3 in7.3 kg/16.1 lb65530/500 kg/1168/1102 lb--
12"155R1288/86PC4.5 mm/4.0 in155 mm/6.1 in4.0--116 mm/4.6 in9.0 mm/4.6 in8.5 kg/18.7 lb65560/530 kg/1235/1168 lb--
12"LT5.00R1283/82PC3.5 mm/3.0 in144 mm/5.7 in3.0--105 mm/4.1 in8.4 mm/4.1 in8.1 kg/17.8 lb65487/475 kg/1074/1048 lb--
13"155R1390/88QC4.5 mm/4.5 in159 mm/6.3 in4.5--117 mm/4.6 in8.8 mm/4.6 in8.8 kg/19.4 lb65600/560 kg/1323/1235 lb--
13"165R1394/92QC4.5 mm/4.0 in170 mm/6.7 in4.0--124 mm/4.9 in9.1 mm/4.9 in9.6 kg/21.1 lb65670/630 kg/1477/1289 lb--
13"175R1397/95QC5.0 mm/4.5 in180 mm/7.1 in4.5--131 mm/5.2 in9.5 mm/5.2 in10.6 kg/23.3 lb65730/690 kg/1610/1521 lb--
13"185R13100/98QC5.5 mm/5.0 in192 mm/7.6 in5.0--138 mm/5.4 in9.8 mm/5.4 in10.7 kg/23.5 lb65800/750 kg/1764/1654 lb--
14"165R1497/95QC4.5 mm/4.0 in173 mm/6.8 in4.0--124 mm/4.9 in9.6 mm/4.9 in10.2 kg/22.4 lb65730/690 kg/1610/1521 lb--
14"175R1499/98QC5.0 mm/4.5 in180 mm/7.1 in4.5--131 mm/5.2 in9.6 mm/5.2 in11.1 kg/24.4 lb65775/750 kg/1709/1654 lb--
14"185R14102/100RC5.5 mm/5.0 in195 mm/7.7 in5.0--138 mm/5.4 in9.8 mm/5.4 in11.6 kg/25.5 lb65850/800 kg/1873/1763 lb--
14"195R14106/104RC5.5 mm/5.0 in205 mm/8.1 in5.0--146 mm/5.7 in10.1 mm/5.7 in12.3 kg/27.1 lb65950/900 kg/2094/1984 lb--
14"205R14109/107PC6.0 mm/5.0 in210 mm/8.3 in5.0--154 mm/6.1 in10.5 mm/6.1 in13.4 kg/29.5 lb651030/975 kg/2271/2150 lb--
14"215R14112/110QC6.0 mm/5.0 in225 mm/8.9 in5.0--161 mm/6.3 in10.7 mm/6.3 in14.2 kg/31.2 lb651120/1060 kg/2469/2336 lb--
14"165/70R1495/94RC5.0 mm/5.0 in170 mm/6.7 in5.0--128 mm/5.0 in9.6 mm/5.0 in9.7 kg/21.3 lb65690/670 kg/1521/1477 lb--
14"175/65R1490/88TC5.0 mm/5.0 in177 mm/7.0 in5.0--136 mm/5.4 in9.9 mm/5.4 in9.6 kg/21.1 lb54600/560 kg/1323/1235 lb--
14"205/75R14109/107QC5.5 mm/5.0 in205 mm/8.1 in5.0--149 mm/5.9 in9.5 mm/5.9 in11.9 kg/26.2 lb691030/975 kg/2270/2149 lb--
15"185R15103/102RC5.5 mm/4.5 in192 mm/7.6 in4.5--138 mm/5.4 in13.0 mm/5.4 in12.0 kg/26.4 lb65875/850 kg/1929/1874 lb--
15"195R15106/104RC5.5 mm/4.5 in200 mm/7.9 in4.5--146 mm/5.7 in10.5 mm/5.7 in14.1 kg/31.0 lb65950/900 kg/2094/1984 lb--
15"195/70R15108/106RC6.0 mm/5.0 in203 mm/8.0 in5.0--151 mm/5.9 in6.3 mm/5.9 in14.1 kg/31.0 lb801000/950 kg/2205/2094 lb--
15"205/65R15108/106TC6.0 mm/5.5 in212 mm/8.3 in5.5--161 mm/6.3 in12.0 mm/6.3 in12.2 kg/26.8 lb651000/950 kg/2205/2094 lb--
15"205/70R15106/104SC6.0 mm/5.0 in210 mm/8.3 in5.0--157 mm/6.2 in12.0 mm/6.2 in12.8 kg/28.2 lb65950/900 kg/2094/1984 lb--
15"215/65R15110/108TC6.5 mm/6.0 in220 mm/8.7 in6.0--170 mm/6.7 in12.0 mm/6.7 in13.2 kg/29.0 lb651060/1000 kg/2337/2205 lb--
15"215/70R15109/107RC6.5 mm/5.5 in219 mm/8.6 in5.5--166 mm/6.5 in12.0 mm/6.5 in14.1 kg/31.0 lb651030/975 kg/2270/2149 lb--
15"225/70R15117/115RC6.5 mm/5.5 in233 mm/9.2 in5.5--171 mm/6.7 in12.0 mm/6.7 in14.9 kg/32.8 lb801285/1215 kg/2833/2679 lb--
16"175/75R16101/99RC5.0 mm/4.5 in177 mm/7.0 in4.5--130 mm/5.1 in12.0 mm/5.1 in11.4 kg/25.1 lb69825/775 kg/1819/1709 lb--
16"185/75R16104/102RC5.0 mm/4.5 in186 mm/7.3 in4.5--135 mm/5.3 in12.0 mm/5.3 in12.1 kg/26.6 lb69900/850 kg/1984/1873 lb--
16"195/75R16110/108RC5.5 mm/5.0 in197 mm/7.8 in5.0--144 mm/5.7 in12.0 mm/5.7 in14.6 kg/32.1 lb761060/1000 kg/2337/2205 lb--
16"205/65R16107/105TC6.0 mm/5.5 in209 mm/8.2 in5.5--161 mm/6.3 in12.0 mm/6.3 in12.9 kg/28.4 lb68975/925 kg/2150/2039 lb--
16"205/75R16113/111RC5.5 mm/5.0 in196 mm/7.7 in5.0--149 mm/5.9 in12.0 mm/5.9 in15.3 kg/33.7 lb761250/1180 kg/2756/2601 lb--
16"215/60R16108/106RC6.5 mm/6.0 in219 mm/8.6 in6.0--172 mm/6.8 in13.0 mm/6.8 in13.2 kg/29.0 lb691000/950 kg/2205/2094 lb--
16"215/65R16109/107TC6.5 mm/6.0 in220 mm/8.7 in6.0--170 mm/6.7 in12.0 mm/6.7 in13.6 kg/29.9 lb691030/975 kg/2271/2150 lb--
16"215/75R16116/114RC6.0 mm/5.5 in214 mm/8.4 in5.5--159 mm/6.3 in12.0 mm/6.3 in16.6 kg/36.5 lb761250/1180 kg/2756/2601 lb--
16"225/65R16112/110RC6.5 mm/6.0 in226 mm/8.9 in6.0--176 mm/6.9 in9.8 mm/6.9 in14.8 kg/32.6 lb691120/1060 kg/2469/2336 lb--
16"225/75R16121/120RC6.0 mm/6.0 in220 mm/8.7 in6.0--164 mm/6.5 in9.6 mm/6.5 in17.9 kg/39.4 lb761450/1400 kg/3196/3086 lb--
16"235/65R16118/116R 7.0 mm/6.5 in237 mm/9.3 in6.5--185 mm/7.3 in9.8 mm/7.3 in17.5 kg/38.5 lb761320/1250 kg/2910/2765 lb--