The sturdy Glacier GC01 is designed for commercial vans with the optimum balance of the fuel economy, longevity, and reliability on snowy and icy roads.




The sturdy Glacier GC01 is designed for commercial vans with the optimum balance of the fuel economy, longevity, and reliability on snowy and icy roads.


  • Advance winter silica compounds improve fuel efficiency.
  • Unidirectional tread with V-shaped grooves and staggered trapezium sipes provides firm and precise winter traction.
  • Tie bar design in the shoulder areas provides prolonged durability.
  • The overall noise-reduction design increases driving comfort.
14"175/65R1490/88TC5.0 mm/5.0 in181 mm/7.1 in5.0--145 mm/5.7 in8.8 mm/5.7 in10.2 kg/22.4 lb54600/560 kg/1323/1235 lb--
14"175/70R1495/93TC5.0 mm/4.5 in175 mm/6.9 in4.5--143 mm/5.6 in9.4 mm/5.6 in10.7 kg/23.5 lb54690/650 kg/1521/1433 lb--
15"195/70R15104/102RC6.0 mm/5.0 in202 mm/7.9 in5.0--163 mm/6.4 in9.4 mm/6.4 in11.7 kg/25.7 lb65900/850 kg/1985/1874 lb--
15"205/70R15106/104RC6.0 mm/5.5 in209 mm/8.2 in5.5--169 mm/6.7 in9.4 mm/6.7 in12.3 kg/27.1 lb65950/900 kg/2095/1985 lb--
15"215/70R15109/107RC6.5 mm/5.5 in217 mm/8.6 in5.5--179 mm/7.0 in9.4 mm/7.0 in13.3 kg/29.3 lb651030/975 kg/2271/2150 lb--
15"225/70R15112/110RC6.5 mm/6.0 in232 mm/9.1 in6.0--185 mm/7.3 in9.4 mm/7.3 in14.5 kg/31.9 lb651120/1060 kg/2470/2337 lb--
16"195/65R16104/102RC6.0 mm/5.5 in203 mm/8.0 in5.5--165 mm/6.5 in8.8 mm/6.5 in12.0 kg/26.4 lb65900/850 kg/1985/1874 lb--
16"195/75R16107/105RC5.5 mm/5.0 in200 mm/7.9 in5.0--165 mm/6.5 in9.4 mm/6.5 in13.2 kg/29.0 lb65975/925 kg/2150/2040 lb--
16"205/60R16100/98TC6.0 mm/6.0 in207 mm/8.2 in6.0--171 mm/6.7 in9.4 mm/6.7 in11.8 kg/26.0 lb54800/750 kg/1764/1654 lb--
16"205/65R16107/105RC6.0 mm/5.5 in213 mm/8.4 in5.5--171 mm/6.7 in8.8 mm/6.7 in12.2 kg/26.8 lb65975/925 kg/2150/2040 lb--
16"205/75R16110/108RC5.5 mm/5.5 in204 mm/8.0 in5.5--171 mm/6.7 in9.4 mm/6.7 in13.9 kg/30.6 lb691060/1000 kg/2337/2205 lb--
16"215/60R16108/106RC6.5 mm/6.0 in218 mm/8.6 in6.0--181 mm/7.1 in9.4 mm/7.1 in12.1 kg/26.6 lb691000/950 kg/2205/2095 lb--
16"215/65R16109/107RC6.5 mm/6.0 in223 mm/8.8 in6.0--181 mm/7.1 in8.8 mm/7.1 in12.5 kg/27.5 lb691030/975 kg/2271/2150 lb--
16"215/75R16113/111RC6.0 mm/5.5 in216 mm/8.5 in5.5--181 mm/7.1 in9.4 mm/7.1 in14.9 kg/32.8 lb651150/1090 kg/2536/2403 lb--
16"225/65R16112/110RC6.5 mm/6.0 in232 mm/9.1 in6.0--187 mm/7.4 in8.8 mm/7.4 in13.7 kg/30.1 lb691120/1060 kg/2470/2337 lb--
16"225/75R16116/114RC6.0 mm/6.0 in225 mm/8.9 in6.0--190 mm/7.5 in9.4 mm/7.5 in15.7 kg/34.5 lb651250/1180 kg/2756/2602 lb--
16"235/65R16115/113RC7.0 mm/6.5 in245 mm/9.7 in6.5--197 mm/7.8 in8.8 mm/7.8 in15.3 kg/33.7 lb691215/1150 kg/2679/2536 lb--
17"215/60R17109/107RC6.5 mm/6.0 in221 mm/8.7 in6.0--181 mm/7.1 in9.4 mm/7.1 in12.9 kg/28.4 lb691030/975 kg/2271/2150 lb--