With next-gen rubber compounds and softening agents, the Himalaya Iceo studless winter tire provides reliable traction, grip, and elasticity on ice roads in severe winter condition.



With next-gen rubber compounds and softening agents, the Himalaya Iceo studless winter tire provides reliable traction, grip, and elasticity on ice roads in severe winter condition.


  • Micropump and advance silica compounds enhance water dispersion efficiency for better traction on snow, ice, and slush.
  • Zigzag blocks enhance tire rigidity for maximum contact areas and water channeling, improving steering precision and snow traction, as well as reducing noise.
  • High-density sipes increase snow traction.
13"155/65R1373Q4.5 mm/4.5 in152 mm/6.0 in4.5-5.5126 mm/5.0 in8.7 mm/5.0 in6.2 kg/13.6 lb44365 kg/805 lb--XL
13"155/70R1375Q4.5 mm/4.0 in160 mm/6.3 in4.0-5.0127 mm/5.0 in8.7 mm/5.0 in6.8 kg/15.0 lb44387 kg/853 lb--XL
14"155/65R1475Q4.5 mm/4.5 in152 mm/6.0 in4.5-5.5126 mm/5.0 in8.7 mm/5.0 in6.5 kg/14.3 lb44387 kg/853 lb--XL
14"175/65R1482Q5.0 mm/5.0 in171 mm/6.7 in5.0-6.0142 mm/5.6 in8.7 mm/5.6 in8.2 kg/18.0 lb44475 kg/1047 lb--XL
14"185/65R1486Q5.5 mm/5.0 in187 mm/7.4 in5.0-6.5151 mm/5.9 in8.7 mm/5.9 in8.3 kg/18.3 lb44530 kg/1168 lb--XL
14"185/70R1488Q5.5 mm/4.5 in189 mm/7.4 in4.5-6.0153 mm/6.0 in8.7 mm/6.0 in8.8 kg/19.4 lb44560 kg/1235 lb--XL
15"165/55R1575Q5.0 mm/4.5 in163 mm/6.4 in4.5-6.0139 mm/5.5 in9.0 mm/5.5 in7.6 kg/16.7 lb44387 kg/853 lb-- 
15"175/65R1584Q5.0 mm/5.0 in174 mm/6.9 in5.0-6.0142 mm/5.6 in9.0 mm/5.6 in8.6 kg/18.9 lb44500 kg/1102 lb-- 
15"185/55R1582Q6.0 mm/5.0 in190 mm/7.5 in5.0-6.5158 mm/6.2 in9.0 mm/6.2 in8.5 kg/18.7 lb44475 kg/1047 lb-- 
15"185/60R1584Q5.5 mm/5.0 in190 mm/7.5 in5.0-6.5153 mm/6.0 in9.0 mm/6.0 in8.7 kg/19.1 lb44500 kg/1102 lb-- 
15"185/65R1588Q5.5 mm/5.0 in181 mm/7.1 in5.0-6.5151 mm/5.9 in9.0 mm/5.9 in8.8 kg/19.4 lb44560 kg/1235 lb-- 
15"195/55R1585Q6.0 mm/5.5 in198 mm/7.8 in5.5-7.0164 mm/6.5 in9.0 mm/6.5 in8.6 kg/18.9 lb44515 kg/1136 lb-- 
15"195/60R1588Q6.0 mm/5.5 in199 mm/7.8 in5.5-7.0161 mm/6.3 in9.0 mm/6.3 in9.2 kg/20.2 lb44560 kg/1235 lb-- 
15"195/65R1591Q6.0 mm/5.5 in195 mm/7.7 in5.5-7.0161 mm/6.3 in9.0 mm/6.3 in9.6 kg/21.1 lb44560 kg/1235 lb-- 
15"205/65R1594Q6.0 mm/5.5 in204 mm/8.0 in5.5-7.5167 mm/6.6 in9.0 mm/6.6 in11.2 kg/24.6 lb44670 kg/1477 lb-- 
15"215/65R1596Q6.5 mm/6.0 in219 mm/8.6 in6.0-7.5177 mm/7.0 in9.0 mm/7.0 in11.0 kg/24.2 lb44710 kg/1565 lb-- 
16"185/55R1687Q6.0 mm/5.0 in192 mm/7.6 in5.0-6.5158 mm/6.2 in9.0 mm/6.2 in9.0 kg/19.8 lb50545 kg/1202 lb-- 
16"195/55R1687Q6.0 mm/5.5 in196 mm/7.7 in5.5-7.0161 mm/6.3 in9.0 mm/6.3 in9.2 kg/20.2 lb44545 kg/1202 lb-- 
16"205/55R1691Q6.5 mm/5.5 in208 mm/8.2 in5.5-7.5188 mm/7.4 in9.0 mm/7.4 in11.0 kg/24.2 lb44615 kg/1355 lb-- 
16"205/60R1696Q6.0 mm/5.5 in205 mm/8.1 in5.5-7.5165 mm/6.5 in9.0 mm/6.5 in10.0 kg/22.0 lb50710 kg/1565 lb-- 
16"215/55R1693Q7.0 mm/6.0 in226 mm/8.9 in6.0-7.5184 mm/7.2 in9.0 mm/7.2 in10.7 kg/23.5 lb44650 kg/1433 lb-- 
16"215/60R1695Q6.5 mm/6.0 in222 mm/8.8 in6.0-7.5177 mm/7.0 in9.0 mm/7.0 in11.3 kg/24.9 lb44690 kg/1523 lb-- 
16"215/65R1698Q6.5 mm/6.0 in222 mm/8.7 in6.0-7.5177 mm/7.0 in9.0 mm/7.0 in12.6 kg/27.7 lb44750 kg/1653 lb-- 
16"225/60R1698Q6.5 mm/6.0 in232 mm/9.1 in6.0-8.0185 mm/7.3 in9.0 mm/7.3 in12.2 kg/26.8 lb44750 kg/1653 lb-- 
17"215/45R1787Q7.0 mm/7.0 in211 mm/8.3 in7.0-8.0181 mm/7.1 in9.0 mm/7.1 in10.7 kg/23.5 lb44500 kg/1102 lb-- 
17"215/50R1791Q7.0 mm/6.0 in224 mm/8.8 in6.0-7.5183 mm/7.2 in9.0 mm/7.2 in11.9 kg/26.2 lb44615 kg/1356 lb-- 
17"215/55R1794Q7.0 mm/6.0 in222 mm/8.8 in6.0-7.5181 mm/7.1 in9.0 mm/7.1 in11.0 kg/24.2 lb44670 kg/1477 lb-- 
17"215/60R1796Q6.5 mm/6.0 in218 mm/8.6 in6.0-7.5179 mm/7.0 in9.0 mm/7.0 in12.7 kg/27.9 lb44710 kg/1565 lb-- 
17"225/45R1791Q7.5 mm/7.0 in218 mm/8.6 in7.0-8.5187 mm/7.4 in9.0 mm/7.4 in10.5 kg/23.1 lb44615 kg/1355 lb-- 
17"225/50R1798Q7.0 mm/6.0 in227 mm/8.9 in6.0-8.0184 mm/7.2 in9.0 mm/7.2 in11.1 kg/24.4 lb50750 kg/1653 lb-- 
17"225/55R1797Q7.0 mm/6.0 in237 mm/9.3 in6.0-8.0190 mm/7.5 in9.0 mm/7.5 in12.4 kg/27.3 lb44730 kg/1609 lb-- 
17"235/45R1794Q8.0 mm/7.5 in235 mm/9.2 in7.5-9.0201 mm/7.9 in9.0 mm/7.9 in12.2 kg/26.8 lb44670 kg/1477 lb-- 
18"225/40R1892Q8.0 mm/7.5 in226 mm/8.9 in7.5-9.0189 mm/7.4 in9.0 mm/7.4 in11.1 kg/24.4 lb50630 kg/1389 lb-- 
18"225/45R1891Q7.5 mm/7.0 in221 mm/8.7 in7.0-8.5191 mm/7.5 in9.0 mm/7.5 in11.7 kg/25.7 lb44615 kg/1356 lb-- 
18"245/40R1897Q8.5 mm/8.0 in246 mm/9.7 in8.0-9.5203 mm/8.0 in9.0 mm/8.0 in11.9 kg/26.2 lb50730 kg/1609 lb-- 
18"245/45R18100Q8.0 mm/7.5 in238 mm/9.4 in7.5-9.0207 mm/8.1 in9.0 mm/8.1 in13.4 kg/29.5 lb44500 kg/1102 lb--