The ultimate winter studded tire is designed for SUVs with improved water dispersion and snow traction.




The ultimate winter studded tire is designed for SUVs with improved water dispersion and snow traction.


  • Advance compounds deliver straight-line stability and long tread life.
  • Engineered for high steering capability with better traction during cornering and braking in the winter.
  • Optimized stud placement and tread pattern improve traction during severe winter, with efficient water dispersion.
16"P215/65R16102HXL6.5 mm/6.0 in225 mm/8.9 in6.0-8.0168 mm/6.6 in10.0 mm/6.6 in12.1 kg/26.6 lb50850 kg/1874 lb--
16"P215/70R16100TXL6.5 mm/5.5 in221 mm/8.7 in5.5-7.0179 mm/7.0 in10.0 mm/7.0 in13.7 kg/30.1 lb44800 kg/1764 lb--
16"P245/70R16107TXL7.0 mm/6.5 in248 mm/9.8 in6.5-8.0251 mm/9.9 in10.1 mm/9.9 in16.2 kg/35.6 lb44975 kg/2150 lb--
16"P265/70R16112TXL8.0 mm/7.5 in277 mm/10.9 in7.5-8.5218 mm/8.6 in10.0 mm/8.6 in19.0 kg/41.8 lb441120 kg/2469 lb--
16"P275/70R16114TXL8.0 mm/7.0 in288 mm/11.3 in7.0-9.0225 mm/8.9 in10.0 mm/8.9 in19.4 kg/42.7 lb441820 kg/2601 lb--
17"P215/60R17100TXL6.5 mm/6.0 in222 mm/8.7 in6.0-7.5177 mm/7.0 in10.0 mm/7.0 in13.2 kg/29.0 lb50800 kg/1764 lb--
17"P225/60R17103TXL6.5 mm/6.0 in228 mm/9.0 in6.0-8.0182 mm/7.2 in10.0 mm/7.2 in13.2 kg/29.0 lb50875 kg/1929 lb--
17"P225/65R17102TXL6.5 mm/6.0 in228 mm/9.0 in6.0-8.0174 mm/6.9 in10.1 mm/6.9 in13.9 kg/30.6 lb44850 kg/1874 lb--
17"P235/65R17104TXL7.0 mm/6.5 in240 mm/9.4 in6.5-8.5183 mm/7.2 in10.1 mm/7.2 in15.4 kg/33.9 lb44900 kg/1984 lb--
17"P265/65R17116TXL8.0 mm/7.5 in277 mm/10.9 in7.5-8.5209 mm/8.2 in10.0 mm/8.2 in18.7 kg/41.1 lb441120 kg/2469 lb--
17"P275/65R17119TXL8.0 mm/7.5 in287 mm/11.3 in7.5-9.5218 mm/8.6 in10.0 mm/8.6 in20.4 kg/44.9 lb501360 kg/2998 lb--
17"P285/65R17116TXL8.5 mm/8.0 in293 mm/11.5 in8.0-10.0228 mm/9.0 in10.0 mm/9.0 in21.3 kg/46.9 lb441250 kg/2756 lb--
18"P225/55R1898TXL7.0 mm/6.0 in230 mm/9.1 in6.0-8.0186 mm/7.3 in10.0 mm/7.3 in13.7 kg/30.1 lb44750 kg/1654 lb--
18"P235/50R18101TXL7.5 mm/6.5 in240 mm/9.4 in6.5-8.5196 mm/7.7 in10.0 mm/7.7 in14.0 kg/30.8 lb50825 kg/1819 lb--
18"P235/55R18100T 7.5 mm/6.5 in245 mm/9.6 in6.5-8.5224 mm/8.8 in10.0 mm/8.8 in15.7 kg/34.5 lb44800 kg/1764 lb--
18"P235/60R18103T 7.0 mm/6.5 in245 mm/9.6 in6.5-7.5194 mm/7.6 in10.0 mm/7.6 in15.0 kg/33.0 lb44875 kg/1929 lb--
18"P255/55R18109T 8.0 mm/7.0 in265 mm/10.4 in7.0-9.0265 mm/10.4 in10.1 mm/10.4 in16.1 kg/35.4 lb501030 kg/2270 lb--
18"P265/60R18114T 8.0 mm/7.5 in277 mm/10.9 in7.5-8.5219 mm/8.6 in10.0 mm/8.6 in18.9 kg/41.6 lb501060 kg/2337 lb--
18"P275/60R18117T 8.0 mm/7.5 in280 mm/11.0 in7.5-9.5223 mm/8.8 in10.0 mm/8.8 in18.9 kg/41.6 lb501285 kg/2833 lb--
18"P285/60R18116T 8.5 mm/8.0 in298 mm/11.7 in8.0-10.0234 mm/9.2 in10.0 mm/9.2 in19.6 kg/43.1 lb501250 kg/2756 lb--
19"P255/50R19107T 8.0 mm/7.0 in258 mm/10.2 in7.0-9.0212 mm/8.3 in10.0 mm/8.3 in14.7 kg/32.3 lb50975 kg/2150 lb--
19"P255/60R19109T 7.5 mm/7.0 in258 mm/10.1 in7.0-9.0208 mm/8.2 in10.0 mm/8.2 in17.2 kg/37.8 lb441030 kg/2271 lb--
20"P265/50R20111T 8.5 mm/7.5 in272 mm/10.7 in7.5-9.5222 mm/8.7 in10.0 mm/8.7 in17.5 kg/38.5 lb501090 kg/2403 lb--
20"P275/40R20106T 9.5 mm/9.0 in275 mm/10.8 in9.0-11.0228 mm/9.0 in10.0 mm/9.0 in16.3 kg/35.9 lb50950 kg/2094 lb--
20"P275/45R20110T 9.0 mm/8.5 in263 mm/10.4 in8.5-10.5229 mm/9.0 in10.0 mm/9.0 in16.8 kg/37.0 lb501060 kg/2337 lb--
20"P285/50R20116T 9.0 mm/8.0 in292 mm/11.5 in8.0-10.0238 mm/9.4 in10.0 mm/9.4 in19.9 kg/43.8 lb501250 kg/2756 lb--