Federal’s Super Steel 595 is your perfect match for the balanced four seasons driving and aggressive looks.



Federal’s Super Steel 595 is your perfect match for the balanced four seasons driving and aggressive looks.


  • Unidirectional grooves enhanced high-speed stability and traction.
  • Even stiffness in both center and shoulder areas minimize uneven wear for improved grip.
  • Steel tire cord and reinforced sidewalls ensure optimum performance in all temperatures.
  • Optimized tread pitch and alignment reducing noise for comfortable rides at high speed.
13"185/60R1380H5.5 mm/5.0 in183 mm/7.2 in5.0-6.5148 mm/5.8 in7.9 mm/5.8 in6.9 kg/15.2 lb44450 kg/992 lb460-A-AXL
13"205/60R1387H6.0 mm/5.5 in205 mm/8.1 in5.5-7.5160 mm/6.3 in8.1 mm/6.3 in8.1 kg/17.8 lb44545 kg/1202 lb460-A-AXL
14"185/55R1480V6.0 mm/5.0 in185 mm/7.3 in5.0-6.5164 mm/6.5 in7.3 mm/6.5 in7.7 kg/16.9 lb44450 kg/992 lb260-A-AXL
14"195/60R1486H6.0 mm/5.5 in195 mm/7.7 in5.5-7.0156 mm/6.1 in8.0 mm/6.1 in7.7 kg/16.9 lb44530 kg/1168 lb460-A-AXL
14"205/60R1489H6.0 mm/5.5 in202 mm/8.0 in5.5-7.5160 mm/6.3 in8.2 mm/6.3 in8.6 kg/18.9 lb44580 kg/1279 lb460-A-AXL
15"185/55R1582V6.0 mm/5.0 in182 mm/7.2 in5.0-6.5164 mm/6.5 in7.3 mm/6.5 in8.0 kg/17.6 lb44475 kg/1047 lb260-A-AXL
15"195/45R1578V6.5 mm/6.0 in198 mm/7.8 in6.0-7.5176 mm/6.9 in7.5 mm/6.9 in8.0 kg/17.6 lb44425 kg/937 lb240-A-AXL
15"195/50ZR1582W6.0 mm/5.5 in201 mm/7.9 in5.5-7.0169 mm/6.7 in7.1 mm/6.7 in8.7 kg/19.1 lb44475 kg/1047 lb260-AA-AXL
15"195/55ZR1585W6.0 mm/5.5 in199 mm/7.8 in5.5-7.0172 mm/6.8 in7.5 mm/6.8 in9.2 kg/20.2 lb44515 kg/1135 lb260-AA-AXL
16"195/45R1684V6.5 mm/6.0 in200 mm/7.9 in6.0-7.5176 mm/6.9 in7.5 mm/6.9 in8.5 kg/18.7 lb50500 kg/1102 lb240-A-AXL
16"205/40R1683V7.5 mm/7.0 in222 mm/8.7 in7.0-8.0186 mm/7.3 in7.4 mm/7.3 in8.9 kg/19.6 lb50487 kg/1074 lb240-A-AXL
16"205/45R1683V7.0 mm/6.5 in213 mm/8.4 in6.5-7.5180 mm/7.1 in7.5 mm/7.1 in9.5 kg/20.9 lb44487 kg/1073 lb240-A-A 
16"205/45ZR1683W7.0 mm/6.5 in213 mm/8.4 in6.5-7.5180 mm/7.1 in7.5 mm/7.1 in9.4 kg/20.7 lb44487 kg/1073 lb240-AA-A 
16"205/50ZR1697W6.5 mm/5.5 in211 mm/8.3 in5.5-7.5180 mm/7.1 in7.8 mm/7.1 in10.0 kg/22.0 lb44545 kg/1201 lb260-AA-A 
16"205/55ZR1691W6.5 mm/5.5 in204 mm/8.0 in5.5-7.5180 mm/7.1 in7.5 mm/7.1 in10.3 kg/22.7 lb44615 kg/1355 lb260-AA-A 
16"215/40R1686W7.5 mm/7.0 in225 mm/8.9 in7.0-8.5192 mm/7.6 in7.6 mm/7.6 in9.6 kg/21.1 lb50530 kg/1168 lb240-AA-A 
16"215/55ZR1693W7.0 mm/6.0 in224 mm/8.8 in6.0-7.5190 mm/7.5 in7.6 mm/7.5 in10.5 kg/23.1 lb44650 kg/1433 lb260-AA-A 
16"235/60R16100V7.0 mm/6.5 in234 mm/9.2 in6.5-8.5186 mm/7.3 in7.9 mm/7.3 in12.2 kg/26.8 lb44800 kg/1764 lb260-A-A 
16"235/60ZR16100W7.0 mm/6.5 in234 mm/9.2 in6.5-8.5186 mm/7.3 in7.9 mm/7.3 in12.2 kg/26.8 lb44800 kg/1764 lb260-AA-A 
16"245/50R1698V7.5 mm/7.0 in255 mm/10.0 in7.0-8.5232 mm/9.1 in8.5 mm/9.1 in12.3 kg/27.1 lb44750 kg/1653 lb260-A-A 
17"205/40R1780V7.5 mm/7.0 in220 mm/8.7 in7.0-8.0180 mm/7.1 in7.1 mm/7.1 in8.9 kg/19.6 lb44450 kg/992 lb240-A-A 
17"205/40ZR1780W7.5 mm/7.0 in220 mm/8.7 in7.0-8.0180 mm/7.1 in7.1 mm/7.1 in8.6 kg/18.9 lb44450 kg/992 lb240-AA-A 
17"205/45R1784V7.0 mm/6.5 in211 mm/8.3 in6.5-7.5180 mm/7.1 in7.6 mm/7.1 in9.4 kg/20.7 lb44500 kg/1102 lb240-A-A 
17"205/45ZR1788W7.0 mm/6.5 in211 mm/8.3 in6.5-7.5180 mm/7.1 in7.6 mm/7.1 in10.1 kg/22.2 lb50560 kg/1235 lb240-AA-A 
17"205/50ZR1793W6.5 mm/5.5 in216 mm/8.5 in5.5-7.5180 mm/7.1 in8.0 mm/7.1 in10.2 kg/22.4 lb50650 kg/1433 lb260-AA-A 
17"215/40R1783V7.5 mm/7.0 in223 mm/8.8 in7.0-8.5190 mm/7.5 in7.5 mm/7.5 in9.5 kg/20.9 lb44487 kg/1074 lb240-A-A 
17"215/40ZR1783W7.5 mm/7.0 in223 mm/8.8 in7.0-8.5190 mm/7.5 in7.5 mm/7.5 in10.1 kg/22.2 lb44487 kg/1074 lb240-AA-A 
17"215/45R1787V7.0 mm/7.0 in224 mm/8.8 in7.0-8.0194 mm/7.6 in7.6 mm/7.6 in10.2 kg/22.4 lb44545 kg/1201 lb240-A-A 
17"215/45ZR1787W7.0 mm/7.0 in229 mm/9.0 in7.0-8.0194 mm/7.6 in7.6 mm/7.6 in9.8 kg/21.6 lb44545 kg/1201 lb240-AA-A 
17"215/50ZR1791W7.0 mm/6.0 in234 mm/9.2 in6.0-7.5200 mm/7.9 in8.2 mm/7.9 in11.0 kg/24.2 lb44615 kg/1356 lb260-AA-A 
17"225/45R1791V7.5 mm/7.0 in229 mm/9.0 in7.0-8.5200 mm/7.9 in7.7 mm/7.9 in11.2 kg/24.6 lb44615 kg/1356 lb240-A-A 
17"225/45ZR1791W7.5 mm/7.0 in229 mm/9.0 in7.0-8.5200 mm/7.9 in7.7 mm/7.9 in11.1 kg/24.4 lb44615 kg/1356 lb240-AA-A 
17"225/50ZR1794W7.0 mm/6.0 in234 mm/9.2 in6.0-8.0208 mm/8.2 in8.3 mm/8.2 in11.8 kg/26.0 lb44670 kg/1477 lb260-AA-A 
17"225/55ZR1797W7.0 mm/6.0 in235 mm/9.2 in6.0-8.0208 mm/8.2 in7.9 mm/8.2 in12.5 kg/27.5 lb44730 kg/1609 lb260-AA-A 
17"235/40R1790V8.5 mm/8.0 in246 mm/9.7 in8.0-9.5212 mm/8.3 in8.3 mm/8.3 in10.9 kg/24.0 lb44600 kg/1323 lb240-A-A 
17"235/45R1793V8.0 mm/7.5 in243 mm/9.6 in7.5-9.0210 mm/8.3 in7.7 mm/8.3 in11.6 kg/25.5 lb44650 kg/1433 lb240-A-A 
17"235/45ZR1794W8.0 mm/7.5 in243 mm/9.6 in7.5-9.0210 mm/8.3 in7.7 mm/8.3 in11.1 kg/24.4 lb44670 kg/1477 lb240-AA-A 
17"245/40R1792V8.5 mm/8.0 in249 mm/9.8 in8.0-9.5218 mm/8.6 in8.6 mm/8.6 in11.9 kg/26.2 lb44630 kg/1389 lb240-A-A 
17"245/45R1795V8.0 mm/7.5 in252 mm/9.9 in7.5-9.0216 mm/8.5 in7.8 mm/8.5 in12.1 kg/26.6 lb44690 kg/1521 lb240-A-A 
17"255/40R1794V9.0 mm/8.5 in260 mm/10.2 in8.5-10.0220 mm/8.7 in8.7 mm/8.7 in12.1 kg/26.6 lb44670 kg/1477 lb240-A-A 
17"255/50R17101V8.0 mm/7.0 in264 mm/10.4 in7.0-9.0236 mm/9.3 in8.5 mm/9.3 in14.4 kg/31.7 lb44825 kg/1819 lb260-A-A 
17"255/55R17102V8.0 mm/7.0 in257 mm/10.1 in7.0-9.0230 mm/9.1 in8.0 mm/9.1 in13.5 kg/29.7 lb44850 kg/1874 lb260-A-A 
17"275/40R1798V9.5 mm/9.0 in280 mm/11.0 in9.0-10.5246 mm/9.7 in8.2 mm/9.7 in13.3 kg/29.3 lb44750 kg/1654 lb240-A-A 
18"215/35ZR1884W7.5 mm/7.0 in216 mm/8.5 in7.0-8.5191 mm/7.5 in8.0 mm/7.5 in9.7 kg/21.3 lb50500 kg/1102 lb240-AA-A 
18"215/40ZR1885W7.5 mm/7.0 in223 mm/8.8 in7.0-8.5190 mm/7.5 in7.5 mm/7.5 in10.6 kg/23.3 lb44515 kg/1135 lb240-AA-A 
18"225/35ZR1883W8.0 mm/7.5 in227 mm/8.9 in7.5-9.0200 mm/7.9 in8.1 mm/7.9 in8.7 kg/19.1 lb44487 kg/1074 lb240-AA-A 
18"225/40ZR1888W8.0 mm/7.5 in230 mm/9.1 in7.5-9.0206 mm/8.1 in7.9 mm/8.1 in11.1 kg/24.4 lb44550 kg/1235 lb240-AA-A 
18"225/45ZR1891W7.5 mm/7.0 in228 mm/9.0 in7.0-8.5196 mm/7.7 in7.9 mm/7.7 in11.8 kg/26.0 lb44615 kg/1356 lb240-AA-A 
18"235/40ZR1891W8.5 mm/8.0 in246 mm/9.7 in8.0-9.5210 mm/8.3 in8.3 mm/8.3 in11.1 kg/24.4 lb44615 kg/1356 lb240-AA-A 
18"235/45R1894V8.0 mm/7.5 in230 mm/9.1 in7.5-9.0195 mm/7.7 in7.1 mm/7.7 in10.7 kg/23.5 lb44670 kg/1477 lb240-AA-A 
18"235/50ZR18101W7.5 mm/6.5 in250 mm/9.8 in6.5-8.5225 mm/8.9 in7.9 mm/8.9 in13.9 kg/30.6 lb50825 kg/1819 lb260-AA-A 
18"245/40ZR1893W8.5 mm/8.0 in253 mm/10.0 in8.0-9.5220 mm/8.7 in8.7 mm/8.7 in11.8 kg/26.0 lb44650 kg/1433 lb240-AA-A 
18"245/45ZR1896W8.0 mm/7.5 in250 mm/9.9 in7.5-9.0220 mm/8.7 in7.9 mm/8.7 in12.8 kg/28.2 lb44710 kg/1565 lb240-AA-A 
18"255/35ZR1890W9.0 mm/8.5 in262 mm/10.3 in8.5-10.0240 mm/9.4 in8.4 mm/9.4 in12.4 kg/27.3 lb44600 kg/1323 lb240-AA-A 
18"255/40ZR1899W9.0 mm/8.5 in258 mm/10.1 in8.5-10.0225 mm/8.9 in7.1 mm/8.9 in11.2 kg/24.6 lb50775 kg/1709 lb240-AA-A 
18"255/45ZR18103Y8.5 mm/8.0 in260 mm/10.2 in8.0-9.5230 mm/9.1 in7.9 mm/9.1 in13.6 kg/29.9 lb50875 kg/1929 lb240-AA-A 
18"255/55R18109V8.0 mm/7.0 in263 mm/10.3 in7.0-9.0230 mm/9.1 in8.1 mm/9.1 in15.9 kg/35.0 lb501030 kg/2271 lb260-A-A 
18"265/35ZR1893W9.5 mm/9.0 in274 mm/10.8 in9.0-10.5248 mm/9.8 in8.5 mm/9.8 in12.6 kg/27.7 lb44650 kg/1433 lb240-AA-A 
18"275/35ZR1895W9.5 mm/9.0 in275 mm/10.8 in9.0-11.0240 mm/9.4 in7.1 mm/9.4 in12.1 kg/26.6 lb44690 kg/1521 lb240-AA-A 
18"275/40ZR1899W9.5 mm/9.0 in275 mm/10.8 in9.0-11.0242 mm/9.5 in7.1 mm/9.5 in12.9 kg/28.4 lb44775 kg/1709 lb240-AA-A 
19"215/35ZR1985W7.5 mm/7.0 in212 mm/8.4 in7.0-8.5180 mm/7.1 in8.1 mm/7.1 in10.0 kg/22.0 lb50515 kg/1136 lb240-AA-A 
19"225/35ZR1984W8.0 mm/7.5 in224 mm/8.8 in7.5-9.0208 mm/8.2 in7.9 mm/8.2 in10.4 kg/22.9 lb44500 kg/1103 lb240-AA-A 
19"235/35ZR1991W8.5 mm/8.0 in232 mm/9.1 in8.0-9.5217 mm/8.5 in7.9 mm/8.5 in10.9 kg/24.0 lb50615 kg/1356 lb240-AA-A 
19"245/35ZR1993W8.5 mm/8.0 in243 mm/9.6 in8.0-9.5226 mm/8.9 in7.9 mm/8.9 in11.5 kg/25.3 lb50650 kg/1433 lb240-AA-A 
19"245/40ZR1998Y8.5 mm/8.0 in252 mm/9.9 in8.0-9.5225 mm/8.9 in8.9 mm/8.9 in13.0 kg/28.6 lb50750 kg/1653 lb240-AA-A 
19"245/45ZR19102W8.0 mm/7.5 in234 mm/9.2 in7.5-9.0201 mm/7.9 in7.3 mm/7.9 in11.8 kg/26.0 lb50850 kg/1874 lb240-AA-A 
19"255/40ZR1996W9.0 mm/8.5 in263 mm/10.4 in8.5-10.0238 mm/9.4 in9.4 mm/9.4 in13.8 kg/30.4 lb44710 kg/1565 lb240-AA-A 
19"265/30ZR1989W9.5 mm/9.0 in261 mm/10.3 in9.0-10.0252 mm/9.9 in7.9 mm/9.9 in12.2 kg/26.8 lb44580 kg/1279 lb240-AA-A 
19"275/30ZR1992W9.5 mm/9.0 in273 mm/10.7 in9.0-10.0261 mm/10.3 in8.0 mm/10.3 in12.8 kg/28.2 lb44630 kg/1389 lb240-AA-A 
20"245/35ZR2091W8.5 mm/8.0 in240 mm/9.4 in8.0-9.5224 mm/8.8 in8.2 mm/8.8 in13.0 kg/28.6 lb44615 kg/1356 lb240-AA-A 
20"255/35ZR2093W9.0 mm/8.5 in260 mm/10.2 in8.5-10.0238 mm/9.4 in7.9 mm/9.4 in13.8 kg/30.4 lb44650 kg/1433 lb240-AA-A